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1 x flat cap
1 x folded cap
1 x Set of filters
Water tubing
Water connection fittings
Optional Drill bit

Flat cap configuration
11.75″ w x 2.5″ d x 10″ h

7” w x 4” d x 8” h

4 lbs
Recommended Water Pressure
40 to 80 psi

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    Easy DIY Installation

    filtered. is designed for a trouble-free installation, which takes about 5 minutes and does not require a plumber.
    Watch the video.

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    Tool-Free Filter Changes

    Our patented design makes changing filters as easy as changing a light bulb. When it is time for a filter change, remove the cap, twist off the old ones, and replace with the new ones.

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    Non-Permanent Installation

    Renting your home? No problem, filtered. can be removed just as fast as it was installed, you would not know it was even there!