Why Drinking Filtered Water is Better For You.

The Healthiest Thing you can Drink

…if water is not treated, filtered or purified, it can make you sick. Nowadays, we have advanced water technology, such as water filters and water filtration systems. Filtered tap water is better than standard tap water and bottled water.

Celebrate World Ocean Day with filtered.!

The Healthiest Thing you can Drink

Each year on June 8, the world comes together to bring awareness and action to the ocean plastic problem. World Oceans Day is a collaborative conservation effort powered by a global network of leaders in 140 countries, providing resources for all to help restore and protect the ocean.

Do YOU Know the Quality of Your Local Water? Why Should You?

The Healthiest Thing you can Drink

The water quality in different areas of the country can vary from zip code to zip code, and even within the same neighborhood. A water filtration system provides a “last line of defense” for those who want to make sure their water is safe.

Do Fridges With Water Dispensers Have Filters?

It’s a question that’s been bugging you and it’s one that’s unfortunately hard to find an answer for: “do fridges with water dispensers have filters?” Various sources usually provide such vague answers because they don’t really want you to know about all the properties of your fridge. They understand that there are better alternatives to […]

How Do Water Filters Work?

Water is amazing at dissolving things. This works great for washing your favorite pair of jeans. Simply add detergent and in no time the stains have dissolved into the water and your Levi’s are as good as new. But the same properties that make water great for dissolving stains also makes it great at dissolving […]

Do You Know What’s In Your Drinking Water?

Depending on where you live, your water supply comes from one or a combination of a two sources. Homes are supplied by city water or they have to rely on water from a private well. Regardless of where your water comes from. it is a smart idea to know what’s actually in your water. Having […]

Is Filtered Water Better Than Tap Water?

If tap water tastes like chlorine, filtering can fix that. Filtering can clear out many safety concerns like bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. Some types of filters can do nearly everything. Others are specific to certain contaminants. The most common types of filters in-home treatment systems include: Aeration — Typically used at the point of entry, […]


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